PlantSys Operation

Product description

PlantSys Operation offers a visual and user-friendly interface for your plant. PlantSys Operation is a reliable SCADA software designed in Finland and easy remote access has been the foundation of our design principles. The software can be used simultaneously from several locations.

The user can access detailed information about any device, such as setting alerts, trends of the device, automation control and measurements.

Compatibility with automation and plant system will be verified before commissioning.

Price starting from 25 000 € one-time fee + 18 % support and maintenance fee per year.

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Main features

• User friendly, expandable, and open platform, that is adaptable to all clean energy solutions of different sizes.
• Information available in real time for trends, alerts, and measurements.
• Unlimited amount of measuring- and control points, with wide support for facility automation. Over 150 supported automation systems.
• Real-time and historian trends, handling alarms and prioritizations

Turn-key delivery include

Needed parts to commissioning of plant control software:

• 3 simultaneous users
• Premanufactured cabin with devices including internal cabling
• Industry grade server hardware with backup solution
• Secure remote connection device and one remote connection key for customer remote connection purpose
• Network switch
• 4G and SMS modems
• Operator workstation with screen, keyboard, and mouse


Price starting from 25 000€ one-time fee + 18 % support and maintenance fee per year.