PlantSys Maintenance

Product description

PlantSys Maintenance is designed for different kind of energy production unites like heating- and power plants. Service gives you access to general plant equipment structure and maintenance programs or plant specific information can be filled to the solution.

Our digitalized maintenance process helps to perform all maintenance programs punctually, eliminating most surprising error situations and improving the usability. Documenting the devices and pre-setting the maintenance program with instructions leaves more time for the actual maintenance of the devices.

Price starting from 199€ per month. Read more from additional information.

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Main features

• Cloud bases SaaS solution used via web browser
• The device card-index organizes information, history, and the attachments into one controllable life span.
• Every party has real time access to the same data.
• The maintenance programs are based on either time or use. Efficient work planning and previously determined instructions ensure high quality working.
• Work orders are formed based on the demand, and with the help of work-queues and -groups the user can easily control resourcing.


SaaS-service price starting from 199€ per month including rights to use solution and its basic features. Prices include always newest version and all new and upcoming features delivered together with basic version.

Include one-hour remote training during EET business hours.