KPA Unicon Store -online store meaning (hereinafter referred to as “Online store”) is an online store for corporate customers maintained by KPA Unicon. The products are sold by KPA Unicon Oy (hereinafter referred to as “Supplier”), business ID 2218058-3.

These General Terms (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply between the Supplier and the Buyer when the Buyer orders products through the Online Store, unless otherwise agreed.

Validity of terms

These Terms become effective on 4th of January 2021 and will remain effective until further notice. Before ordering, the customer must familiarize themselves with the Terms in effect at the time. When placing an order, you agree to the general terms.

Changes to terms

We reserve the rights to make changes to these Terms at any time without prior notice. The published Terms in effect at the time of ordering apply to the order.


Ordering products is done through the Online Store or otherwise by agreement. Ordering products requires a valid business ID (VAT-number) and a working email address. The Buyer must provide all the information marked mandatory when ordering. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and is obliged, if necessary, to notify the Supplier of any changes in the information. Placing an order does not require registration in the Online Store.

A purchase agreement binding on the Buyer is created when the Buyer has placed their order in the Online Store. In the order, the Buyer agrees to purchase the products specified in their order in accordance with these Terms. The buyer is advised to carefully review the contents of their order before confirming the order.

A preliminary order confirmation is sent to the Buyer at the time of ordering for all orders placed in the Online Store. The buyer must verify that the confirmation corresponds to the contents of the order placed by the Buyer.

Before accepting the order, we check the credit information and the accuracy of the order. Actual order confirmation of accepted and correct orders will be sent to the Buyer within two (2) working days after the Buyer has placed an order in the Online Store. For incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise unclear orders, an additional questionnaire or notification of the order is sent to the Buyer within two (2) working days before the actual order confirmation is sent.

We reserve the right to reject an order in situations where the Buyer’s credit information is inadequate, or the Buyer is unable to provide additional information requested by the Supplier for an incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise unclear order.


All prices shown on the Website of the Online Store are in euros. (EUR). Prices are exclusive of value added tax (VAT 0%), unless otherwise stated. Freight and shipping costs are not included in the price but are charged according to the current price list and reported separately at the time of ordering.

The prices displayed in the online store are valid until further notice. We reserve the right to change prices and shipping costs.


The payment method is invoice. The invoice is delivered to the customer when the delivery process of the order is completed on the Supplier’s side.

The payment term is 14 days net, unless otherwise agreed.

If the Buyer does not make the payment on time, the Supplier has the right to charge penalty interest

Delivery and freight

The terms of delivery of spare parts are FCA Kiuruvesi or EXW. The Supplier arranges the freight on behalf of the Buyer, unless otherwise stated by the Buyer in the order. If the Buyer arranges the freight themselves, the Buyer must report the transport company and the contract number in the order.

The usual delivery time for spare parts in stock in the Nordic and Baltic countries is 1–2 weeks from the actual order confirmation. To the rest of the world, the delivery time may be longer. If the availability of spare parts in stock is low, the delivery time may differ from the usual. In such a case, the Buyer is informed about the matter in the Online Store during the ordering phase. During the holidays (e.g. Christmas or Easter), delivery times may be longer than usual.

Delivery time is an estimate. If the delivery of the order is delayed, the Supplier aims to inform the Buyer of the delay using the contact details provided by the Buyer and to provide the Buyer with a new estimate of the time of delivery. If the Supplier has sent the order on time, but there is a disruption in the transport company’s distribution, the Supplier is not responsible for the late delivery.

The Supplier is not responsible if the delivery of the order is delayed or the order cannot be delivered due to reasons attributable to the Buyer, such as the Supplier’s reporting of incorrect contact details.

During the ordering phase, a packing and handling fee is added to the prices of spare parts so that the final price of the order can be seen by the customer. The cost of packaging and handling is fixed at 150 €. If the Supplier arranges the freight of spare parts on behalf of the Buyer, the freight will be charged at the actual cost + 12 % brokerage margin. Freight can be invoiced either on the same invoice as the products of the order or on a separate freight invoice.

Ownership rights and liability

The products will remain the property of the Supplier until the Supplier has received all payments related to the order in full. In addition, the Supplier reserves the right, in accordance with applicable legislation, to take back possession of the products if the Buyer does not make the payments.

Liability for damage to products is transferred to the Buyer after the products have been handed over to the carrier.


We reserve the right to cancel orders regardless whether the issue in question is a printing error, technical issue, or mass orders.

The Supplier is not responsible for the Buyer’s order not arriving for reasons not attributable to the Supplier, such as the inaction of the information network or telecommunication connection.


The buyer can register as an Online Store customer if they wish. Registration is free of charge for the Buyer.

Registration requires a valid Business ID (VAT-number) and a working email address. When registering, the buyer must provide all information marked as mandatory. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and is obliged, if necessary, to notify the Supplier of any changes in the information. When registering, the Buyer chooses a username and a password for themselves. The Buyer commits not to disclose the login credentials to a third party and to keep the credentials secret. The registered Buyer is responsible for all transactions and orders placed in the Online Store with their credentials.

If the Buyer detects or suspects that their credentials have been taken over by an outsider, or that their credentials are being misused, the Buyer must immediately inform the Supplier. The Supplier has the right to suspend the Buyer’s credentials without prior notice if the Supplier suspects that the Buyer’s credentials are being misused.

Customer data and data protection

Personal information obtained through the Online store and provided by the Buyer is processed in a manner permitted and required by the data protection regulation in effect at any given time. Personal information collected in the Online store and in connection with the Online store orders is used to process orders. The Buyer’s personal information is stored in the customer register maintained by the Supplier. Further information on the processing of personal information can be found from KPA Unicon’s privacy policy:

Customer service

For questions and problems, please contact the Online Store chat service or email:

Set of contracts

These general terms and conditions of the Online store and KPA Unicon Oy’s terms of delivery

  1. “Parts 2020”:  and/or
  2. “Services 2020” and/or
  3. “IT2018”

form a set of contracts for products/services ordered from the Online Store.

General Terms and Conditions – Parts 2020